Government Support to IT outsourcing
  • Software and IT Services have been declared by the Government as a ‘High Priority’ export sector.
  • All Software and IT Services companies including those having foreign ownerships have been exempted from Income Tax until 2015.
  • Special government sponsored long-term equity fund and short term working capital financing are offered to IT companies.
  • Since 1996, Government has been allowing zero/low tariff for computers and other capital goods required for software industry.
  • Special Hi-Tech and Software Technology Parks (STP) are being built by the government to facilitate all the infrastructural supports needed by outsourcing companies. Government has initiated Bangladesh Hi-Tech Park Authority to make the Hi-Tech Park operational.
  • Government has already alllocated 13 stored Building commonly known as Janata Tower to shape it as first ever state of the art Software Technology Park of the country.
  • Govt. has also declared country's first Software Technology Park "STP-1" of Building at Karwan Bazar, Dhaka
  • ICT Policy 2009 has been approved by the Govt. of Bangladesh in June 2009
  • A Roadmap to transform Bangldesh into ‘Digital Bangldesh’ has also been formed